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She knew but virtue the better to avoid her

While every vice claim'd alliance to her

21 November 1989
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Hi people. I see you're reading my profile. That's nice. A bit random but nice.

I feel like this profile is a semi form of speeddating, and I'm sure if you're interested enough to check out my profile, then I should be nice enough to give you two minutes to decide whether or not you want to sleep with me friend me. >.>

I have two siblings, I am incredibly inconsistant and late to EVERYTHING (even my own bat mitzvah). Although I'm pretty sure I'm straight, I also believe in the kinney scale. I become addicted to fandoms quick and fast but my constant love is HP. I will never write fic for it or make pics or secrets, just wish that I had my very own harry potter to cuddle. OR remus... or James... or Sirius... or all of them at once...

My current (active) fandoms are Merlin and Star Trek (I'm a newbie but to be fair I've always wanted to get into it, but now I have the friends to back me up in fandom O.o) but I like a whole bunch of other shows and the like that I've just never bothered to get into the fandom of.

I try my best to be incredibly nice and outgoing and if I'm ever a bitch to you it's probably because you brought a sandwich back to me complaining that you said you didnt want mustard when you said nothing of it before when I was punching in your order... but unless you know me IRL and go to my job you're safe.

Now the buzzer has rung and I'm going to go do things.